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Service:All Weather Architectural Aluminum was founded in 1969 and remains a family owned and operated commercial window and door manufacturer. Mr. Hank Porter founded All Weather Architectural Aluminum and from the beginning the Porter family emphasized manufacturing quality products and providing superior customer service. For over forty years the ability to create special solutions for difficult projects has always been All Weather’s primary strength. Tools: One aspect to commitment in quality can be found in the equipment we invest in. We operate from two plants located next to each other. Plant #1 measures 52,000 square feet and houses the glass cutting equipment, glass fabrication equipment and a tempering furnace. We process the glass used in our window and door products. This often times allows us quicker lead times and a higher standard of quality for the insulated and tempered glass we provide in our windows and doors. Plant #2 measures 77,000 square feet and is where we manufacture the windows and doors themselves. We are able to roll our strut material together and provide precision pre-fabrication prep with our machinery. Having the machinery to keep these processes in house allows us to control the quality in the product we sell. We continue to invest in quality machinery with this in mind. Environment: Quality surrounds us in our working environment. All Weather currently resides in a state of the art facility in Vacaville, California. We understand the energy and “green” commitment involved during the building process. Lance Porter built our current building with natural day lighting and ventilation throughout, a unique night sky cooling systems to minimize our energy usage, and an overall aesthetically spectacular work environment. At times during the year, we modify our manufacturing schedules to reduce energy consumption and partner with local power providers in their programs. It is a one of a kind manufacturing plant in its design and layout. We believe in creating a quality product, which stems from operating from one. People: The number one ingredient to providing you with a quality product is our personnel. We are driven and motivated to providing excellent customer service. Our outside and inside sales teams have resources at their fingertips to provide you with the information about our products and/or your quote/order. We have 2 engineers on staff constantly thinking of what’s next. Our manufacturing crew pays close attention to detail. Our drivers are professional and courteous and will become a familiar face on multiple deliveries. From order to delivery, your interactions with All Weather will be professional and friendly. Product: The series 3000 and 5000 are two examples of our mnay product lines.

ALL weather CasaOrozco-250x167The Series 3000 projected window is All Weather’s most versatile window system. The 45 degree mitered and welded corners provide weather-tight corners that are both strong and aesthetically pleasing. Two rows of weather-stripping are used to ensure low air-infiltration and prevent weather penetration. With options including arch-tops, corner windows, true divided lights, and an integral recessed panning frame, the Series 3000 has the design capabilities to make your building stand out. Our series 3000 1 5/8” product line uses 6063 extruded aluminum and are age hardened to a T-6 rating for strength and durability. The series 3000 windows have integral extrusion walls with a nominal web thickness of .125” , and a wall thickness of .094”. The nailing fins will be .050” thick. The material thickness on all wall sections meets or exceeds commercial window standards.

The Series 5000 projected window is All Weather’s most affordable thermally broken product line. Utilizing a pour and de-bridge thermal break, this series provides a cost-effective way to get a thermally efficient glazing product without sacrificing performance or aesthetics. With nail-on, equal leg, comp. channel, and integral recessed panning frame options, this window series has the options to make installation of this product efficient, attractive, and weather-tight. Our Series 5000 2 1/4” product line uses 6063 extruded aluminum and are age hardened to a T-6 rating for strength and durability. The Series 5000 windows have integral extrusion walls with a nominal web thickness of .125” and a wall thickness of .094”. The nailing fins are .062” thick. The material thickness on all wall sections meets or exceeds commercial window standards. ALL Weather Turk-Street-0-250x167The pour and debridge thermal break profiles are extruded as a single extrusion with a cavity for the thermal break material. Once the profile is extruded, the cavity is filled with a two part polyurethane that has a low coefficient of thermal conductivity. After the polyurethane has cured, a saw is used to debridge the profile by ripping the aluminum web of the cavity. The profile is now thermally broken providing both improved condensation resistance as well as improved thermal performance.

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"As a manufacture of luxury quality window and door systems, we know that the homeowners that use our products are going to expect excellence on every product we provide them. To help us deliver on that expectation, we choose to partner with dealers to provide provide our products that share our same passion for customer service and quality. Our partner, Associated Building Supply, is one of the very best. To start, their firm is led by some of the best leaders in the industry. Both Chris Cole (President) and Scott Thurber (General Manager) have nearly unmatched experience in the high-end window and door market. Their expertise, as well as their commitment to a "Fairness Doctrine" that guides their business, ensures their customers that ABSi will not only be able to tackle the complex challenges of a custom home design, but also that they will have a fantastic experience with a dealer that is 100% focused on their satisfaction. ABSi has a commitment to business excellence that is best seen through their beautiful showrooms throughout California that allow customers direct access to their multitude of product offerings. Their sales team is unmatched for product knowledge, customer service skills, and attention to detail. Add all this up and you have a powerful combination that will leave homeowners, architects, and builders extremely satisfied. Our team at Western wholeheartedly recommends ABSi to any customer looking for windows and doors for their custom project."

Scott Gates   Vice President & General Manager    Western Window Systems

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