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ABSi Supplies Western Window Systems for Portola Valley Project with Field Achitecture

ABSi Sales Consultant Loren Monge works with Consilium Custom Homes and Field Architecture on Portola Valley project. This project called for contemporary windows andfortyoneOaks exterior 2 doors with the product solution being Architectural Aluminum by Western Window Systems. "We have tremendous respect for both Moshe Gray of Consilium Custom Homes and Jess Field of Field Architecture. It was a pleasure to work with both on this outstanding project," says ABSi Sales Consultant Loren Monge. Field Architecture (fA) is an internationally recognized father and son team, the recent winner of multiple Progressive Architecture (PA) Awards. Founded by Stan Field and son, Jess Field, based on Stan’s 40 years of practice, fA is a multi-generational firm dedicated to deepening the connection between people and the places they love. fortyoneOaks exterior 6Stan and Jess draw inspiration from the unique qualities and character of each site, to create architecture that is congruous with the landscape, and buildings that are beautiful, practical, and provide lasting places of interchange between the made and the natural. fA’s approach is imaginative and rigorous, and draws on the marriage of the art and science of architecture – both creative and technical – to impart a sense of wonder in their designs. The chemistry between a Client and Place forms the point of departure for every project. The location of a building within the broader context of the region or culture in which a project is being designed is essential, and often forms the basis for our inspiration. Situating the building in its specific terrain is where the building design begins, in essence, creating the set which will allow the architecture to respond to the particularities of its climate, topography, soil, hydrology, and flora. We think of Architecture as an instrument through which to experience this exquisite combination of elements which make a place unique. All Photography by Steve Goldband and Ellen Konar.  fortyoneOaks exterior 7

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Testimonial Scott Gates

"As a manufacture of luxury quality window and door systems, we know that the homeowners that use our products are going to expect excellence on every product we provide them. To help us deliver on that expectation, we choose to partner with dealers to provide provide our products that share our same passion for customer service and quality. Our partner, Associated Building Supply, is one of the very best. To start, their firm is led by some of the best leaders in the industry. Both Chris Cole (President) and Scott Thurber (General Manager) have nearly unmatched experience in the high-end window and door market. Their expertise, as well as their commitment to a "Fairness Doctrine" that guides their business, ensures their customers that ABSi will not only be able to tackle the complex challenges of a custom home design, but also that they will have a fantastic experience with a dealer that is 100% focused on their satisfaction. ABSi has a commitment to business excellence that is best seen through their beautiful showrooms throughout California that allow customers direct access to their multitude of product offerings. Their sales team is unmatched for product knowledge, customer service skills, and attention to detail. Add all this up and you have a powerful combination that will leave homeowners, architects, and builders extremely satisfied. Our team at Western wholeheartedly recommends ABSi to any customer looking for windows and doors for their custom project."

Scott Gates   Vice President & General Manager    Western Window Systems

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